Saturday, November 22, 2008

June 19th was a Tuesday

The ineffectual heater switches on with a soft click and mild boom. Static wind noise fills empty spaces and you drift to sleep to white noise comfort, cuddling deeper into the the blankets. But as sleep claims you, you can't stop sinking into the bed. Deeper and deeper you go into the old twin mattress. You wake to find yourself having fallen all the way through to the other side. You wipe the sleep crumbles from your eyes and took a look around the far side of the mattress. It turns out that when you sink through the mattress, instead of being a shag carpet strewn about with dustbunnies and miscellany, the underside of your bed is actually out of doors. Above you is the sky, not the box springs and frame, and it is night. All around are stars and blackness. You pick one of the stars up. It was falling so near that you only had to stretch ou t your hand. You grasp firmly as you bring it to your chest. Damn, but this light is heavy.

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